Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 23 Old Settlers Trail

Allen Sweetzer is leading this wildflower hike along Old Settlers trail. There is a vague plan to hike out and see wildflowers and return. We seems to stop and identify every plant we see until all the basics are covered and we start to hike. The group of about 30 is split into so many factions you can't keep track. I hike out several miles taking lots of photos. Finally, 2 of us stop at a creek and have lunch. Headed back, we constantly meet other groups. There is one area of Pink Lady Slippers I roam about for several minutes. I counted 60 in this area. A couple appear yellow but are really just pink with the color washed out. Yellow Lady Slippers have different characteristics than Pink.

Old homesite along creek


I meet a 79 year old fellow and his blind wife. They are orchid seekers and have come to this particular place to see the lady slippers. He and I have traveled to many of the same places. 

Pink Lady Slipper with color washed out

On the way back, I meet another fellow who wants to know how the grape vines get up into the trees. I tell him, the vines grow up the trees and then separate from the tree once they are up in the branches. He doesn't believe me. He tells me to go look for some turtlehead flowers by an old spring. I mention they are probably Showy Orchis. I go and find the Showy Orchis he has spoken about. As I reach the cars at the trailhead, I see this same old fellow asking someone else about the grapevines. He gets the same explanation I gave him but he still isn't buying it.

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